Corporate Events

Who says corporate events should be boring? Add a touch of style to your next event whilst safe in the knowledge that everything is being handled by the professionals. Tell us your budget and your objectives, and we’ll do the rest.

This a service aimed at corporate clients, which covers all aspects of organising the event. From the initial planning stages, to sourcing all suppliers, creating the design concept through to making sure that every detail is perfect.

This is for the client who would like the expertise and full management of a professional planner to ensure that the event exceeds expectations without the stress and time constraints of organising it internally. This can include, but is not limited to, summer parties, Christmas parties, anniversary galas, company travel, etc.

We offer a full App subscription to our clients. With this, they are able to access all information and documents relevant to their event from anywhere at any time.

We offer a complimentary* consultation to understand the client’s requirements and vision of the event.

We then oversee the rest, including but not limited to:

. Expenditure planning
. Timeline organisation
. Venue sourcing
. Supplier sourcing
. All administration & payments
. Styling and creation
. Event day management
. Respect of etiquette and traditions
. Assistance in any matter relevant to the event
. Pre and post event service
. Pricing: 13% of the overall budget spend (a minimum fee of £500 applies)**.

*Complimentary consultations take place all around the UK. International consultations can be arranged as long as the costs incurred are covered by the client.
** excluding VAT

Expenditure Planning

We create and take charge of a realistic budget to work towards and ensure that our clients stay on track throughout the process, re-assessing, negotiating and keeping them aware when necessary.

Timeline Organisation

We create and provide our clients with a detailed and bespoke timeline that carefully outlines the list of tasks that need to be completed by them. We are always here to guide our clients through the process. We also prepare a detailed timeline of the actual event.

Venue Sourcing

Based on our clients’ desired type of venue, we provide them with a bespoke shortlist of venues. We then manage viewings, contracts and payments on their behalf.

Supplier Sourcing

Based on our clients’ brief, we source all suppliers such as: photographer, videographer, florist, cake designer, music & entertainment, transport, catering, child care, décor, etc. Each supplier is thoroughly vetted and checked to ensure that they meet our standards and are the right fit for our clients.

Administration & Payments

We handle all administration related to the event, such as: confirmation and management of all suppliers, making payments and providing detailed guidelines for the event. We always keep our clients updated via the App, and a monthly update letter and email.

Styling & Creation

Based on our clients’ wishes we are able to create a wealth of design concepts and style events that ensure their vision comes true. We reccommend everything from colour schemes, table settings, lighting, glassware and furniture, to all the personal details that make an event truly bespoke. In order to help our clients visualise these, we create bespoke mood boards.

Event Day Management

We are at the venue the whole day of the event (and the day before if possible), in order to ensure that everything goes to plan and to be the main point of contact for everyone. Our clients are therefore reassured that we are in charge whilst they relax and enjoy the day.

Respect of Etiquette & Traditions

We guide our clients through the complexity of etiquette and various traditions.

General Assistance

We assist our clients on everything relative to the event; from music selection, attire, ceremony formats (for weddings) and travel arrangements for guests.

Pre & Post Event service

We understand that some of our clients enjoy entertaining their guests over several days around the main event. We are happy to organise dinners, visits, brunches and trips for our clients. We also believe that for our clients, the excitement of the event should last as long as possible, we therefore offer to take charge of post-event chores such as: dry-cleaning and delivery of attire, sending of thank you notes to guests and delivery of photographic and video content.