Woohoo! It’s not every day that you’re listed as a top UK Wedding Planner, but this has just happened to La Fête, so we wanted to make sure that you had seen the wonderful news!

Junebug has recently compiled a list of the 13 best UK Wedding Planners, and as I mentioned above, we’re on the list.

Slated as being good for “Couples who want every small detail taken care of for them”, La Fête really does go above and beyond for our couples.

Detail Focused Top UK Wedding Planner

With our eye for detail, nothing is overlooked, discounted or forgotten.

We take pleasure in elevating every aspect of your wedding celebration, and that includes your adorable pet guests!

Top UK Wedding Planner Union Flag
Top UK Wedding Planner Pet Pooch

And it’s not just your pets. We understand that all your family are an integral part of anyone’s wedding celebration, with some needing a bit more attention than others… As one bride mentioned: “even keeping our 5-year-old daughter from having tantrums with a piggyback ride whilst I was getting ready

And although the list says we’re a top UK Wedding Planner, we’re pretty good overseas as well! With more to co-ordinate in a destination wedding, nothing can be left to chance. And we don’t.

While you’re in with a very good chance of sourcing a replacement bottle of exquisite Italian white when you’re getting married in a Tuscan vineyard; you’ll struggle to source much else if it’s needed NOW!

Top UK Wedding Planner Floral Design

And as we are one of the top UK Wedding Planners, we only work with the best vendors, suppliers and venues there are.

But, our eye for detail isn’t just reserved for our work. We make sure that everyone we work with lives up to the same standards that we set for ourselves.

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