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You may have seen that one of my earlier posts was about my recent trip to Russia, where I was in St Petersburg and Moscow over the Christmas and New Year period. Inspired by the parties there, the love of drink and food, and the never-ending winter that we are going through in London, I thought that a Dasvidaniya Winter mood board would be perfect!

Dasvidaniya Winter literally means goodbye winter! Because, as much as we love Winter to cosy up in front of the fire, I’ve had enough of having a constant sniffle, not knowing what to wear and not being able to walk around outside.

Our ancestors used to celebrate the ending of a solstice, and welcome the new one during festivals that would sometimes last for days on end, so I thought that to celebrate the official end of winter (March 21st) would be nice nod to our traditions long gone.

If you want to throw a Russian themed end of winter party or dinner, make sure that you bring together two crucial elements of a Russian evening: cosy warm ambiance (because it’s freezing there!) mixed in with the bright colours of their culture and art! Offer a mix of canapes and food, hot and cold, drawing inspiration directly from Russian cuisine. But also put a European twist on it: have some lovely cakes and cookies, and decorate them inspired by a Russian Winter, for example this naked tiered cake with an Orthodox church above it, covered in iced sugar, is magical!

Do not forget the drink – specifically the Vodka! This can either be served in gorgeous ornate bottles, magnums, or, a personal favourite of mine, mini individual sized bottles. These mini bottles served with a straw will warrant a lot more attention than their bigger, more normal, counterparts.

Basically, have fun, enjoy and celebrate that the days are getting longer and warmer!

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