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Fresh out of the Glamour Beauty Festival 2017, I was inspired by the red lips that were everywhere at the event. When researching images for this month’s mood board, I came across this striking pair of red and gold-tainted lips, I decided to add an element of gold to the mood board, making just that little bit more sophisticated and sexy.

Wedding Colour Scheme Inspiration: Red Lips Mood Board

Red is a classic way of using colours in events, but it can be done in many different ways. I believe that if you do want to go down the route of red for your event, a crucial and determining element is the actual shade of red that you go for. A darker tone of Bordeaux can very easily make your venue look very dark, whereas a light nearly orange red can very easily clash with other colour tones. In my opinion, the perfect red, is the lipstick red shade. With very slight variations amongst them, this can be a leading colour throughout your event.

Obviously you can’t just have everything in red, so make sure to mix it in with colours that compliment it without clashing. A lovely shade of pink can be a nice idea to accentuate your reds in certain places. This can especially be nice when it comes to sweets or desserts, where pink is also an expected colour so won’t drive your focus onto it. Other shades that compliment red are white, cream, grey and gold. Gold should only be used as touches here and there as it quickly catches your eye due to its metallic nature.

Gold is always a nice pairing with red, as they both play on sophistication and sexiness. Depending on the actual elements of décor that you use, you can sway it one way or the other. Be mindful of this and the sort of event that you are planning, so that it turns out as you planned.

All in all, red is one of the classics that everyone dares to play with, however be sure of how you want to use it and how you want it to be perceived before going further into your planning.

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Red & gold lips –
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Cherry lips –
Hands and lips – Guy Bourdin
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