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It’s unthinkable for any groom-to-be to jump into married life before first having the traditional stag do. Originating in Sparta in ancient Greece, the stag do, bachelor party or however you want to call it, was the occasion for the groom’s military friends to feast and toast the end of his youth on the eve of his wedding. The term ‘stag’ derives from medieval England, when any male animal was known as such, with the French-derived term ‘bachelor’ rejected by England at the time (one look at the Anglo-French conflicts at the time and you can understand why!).

Today, hen and stag parties are staples in the lead up to the wedding with groomsmen and bridesmaids knowing that their duties will involve the organisation of one. In the last few years, stag dos have gained momentum and options on what to do and where to go have become virtually limitless.

There is still the traditional option of dressing the groom up in a humiliating outfit, getting drunk and barely remembering the party at all. However, now there has been a shift where the stags also indulge in somewhat tamer activities (as well as the classic pub crawl). Parties have turned into weekends away among lads, allowing precious bonding time, and my only advice would really be to factor in what would make the groom happy. Ultimately, everyone is there to celebrate him and taking his tastes and preferences into account is paramount.

If you know that he’s always wanted to try a certain activity, sample a certain restaurant, loves cigars, has a thing for sailing: include it. It will mean the world to him and be made even sweeter by the fact that he’ll have his closest friends sharing the experience with him.

If you do decide to turn the party into a full weekend away, believe the adage, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Make sure to have one ‘leader’ who is in charge of bookings, hotels, scheduling, etc or it can quickly become disorganised, messy and fragmented. You can also prepare a goodie bag for each guest or a personalised item as a memory of the stag do. Depending on your destination you could include a pair of sunglasses, an instant/throw away camera, a personalised t-shirt/jacket or even matching bow ties if that’s the groom’s style. Remember that your main concern is to spend time together and to give the groom an unforgettable event, one which will contribute in making the entire wedding process as enjoyable as possible and guaranteed to always put a smile on his face.