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Pancake day is one of the best days of the year for foodies. Savoury or sweet, there is something for everyone, so why not throw a pancake party? I tend to favour traditional French crepes and a vintage, French aesthetic, but nothing is stopping you from celebrating with more fluffy American pancakes or a candy theme, for example.

A pancake party can easily take place in your kitchen as an intimate affair or in a bigger venue with more guests. If you opt for the latter, think of maybe having crepe stations where guests can make, decorate and then eat their creations, while being spaced around the room and not crammed together by a couple of crepe pans and jars of chocolate spread. The key here is to be organised and make sure that your guests get the most out of the event and are able to have access to whatever they would like to try.

For a smaller affair, you can gather everyone around your kitchen table with fillings laid out in the centre and each person can work on their crepe. I’d suggest that one person actually makes the crepes, as the old adage goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” and you don’t want people arguing over who’s turn it is at the stove! You could also skip out the whole aspect of cooking on the moment and indulge in a crepe themed feast, such as mini crepe stacks on a stick, stuffed savoury crepes, etc.

As for aesthetic and décor, you could recreate a brasserie vibe, with chrome touches, red and white check tea towels and aprons, vintage inspired plates and cutlery and for a cheesy ‘clin d’œil’ to France, set out berets for your guests to wear and have French music playing, anything from Piaf to accordion tunes.

You could also set up a crepe competition and award prizes to your guests for most creative filling, prettiest crepe, least appetising, etc. Reward the winners with a little gift, such as a crepe recipe book or a crepe making kit.

In short, pancake day is not just about the crepes, but also and probably more about the moments spent with friends and family.