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Getting married isn’t just about choosing your partner, but also choosing the people who will be accompanying you on your journey to wedded bliss: these often include bridesmaids. Most of the time choosing them is a no-brainer but take into account the following before you make your decision.

  • How close are you to this person? Do they know the real you?
  • At the end of the day, you need to pick people that you feel happy getting ready around, dancing in your underwear in front of, having a laugh with and being your happiest and most liberated self.
  • Will that person be there for you throughout the journey and not just the day of?

  • It’s key for your bridesmaid to be present during the pre-wedding and post-wedding period, as a source of advice, support and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. You need to be surrounded by non-judgmental people who you can trust and who will do whatever they can to make things easier for you.

  • Can your crew handle the planning of a hen do?
  • A crucial job for bridesmaids is planning your hen do and making it UNFORGETTABLE. Are you girls organised enough to do this? Will they be able to plan something that will meet or even exceed your expectations? Or will planning this create rivalries? Speaking of which…

  • Will all your bridesmaids mesh well? Or will there be jealousies and challenges?
  • When you pick your bridesmaids, bear in mind the natural attributes of each girl and think of how they could complement each other: it’s not just about picking a group of girlfriends. You want everyone to bring different strengths to your bridal squad in order to keep any rivalries or issues at bay.

  • Are you choosing reliable girls?
  • You’re going to have enough to think about on your wedding day without needing to worry if your girls will be punctual, have their dress, shoes and jewellery organised. You also don’t want to have to babysit anyone or triple check things. If you have a scatty friend who you love to bits, maybe don’t choose her to be a bridesmaid and explain why. But if you feel confident that she’ll be able to pull it together, that’s your decision to make.

There’s no right or wrong when picking bridesmaids, you need to do what feels right for you and your wedding. As long as you follow both your head and your heart, you’ll be just fine.