Summer Pool Party

I love being by the pool: to me, that’s what summer is all about. So why not throw an epic pool party before autumn rolls around?

For the venue, it goes without saying that you need a pool, making this an event to be held outside of London (unless you are lucky enough to have a pool in the centre of the city!).

Décor here is actually remarkably simple, as the pool provides such a central focus and excessive props would be completely superfluous. Do however pick a scheme if you can: pastel colours, unicorns, mermaids, tropics, etc. From there, you can purchase the adequate pool floats and games. The wealth of choice is amazing, from pizzas to flamingos, so just make sure to tailor your choices to your audience, such as pizza floats and floating beer pong for a lad’s pool party to clamshell floats and floating unicorn drink holders for a magical get together.

A pool party wouldn’t be complete without food. I’d recommend a BBQ, which means that the people manning it can be outside and still be part of the festivities. It’s also non-fussy and seasonal: you don’t want to be sitting down for a three-course meal in a wet bikini, but rather grabbing a burger on the grass! For dessert, why not replace the sweet bar (which I normally LOVE) with ice cream? It’ll cool you down and fulfil your sugar craving. I don’t recommend a sweet bar as they can get so gummy and melt sitting in the heat, so definitely prefer ice creams which you can also eat while drifting around on your float.

Party in the pool

Whether you want alcohol at your party or not, the cardinal rule to stick by is no glass by the pool! You don’t want any accidents, so opt for bright Solo cups or why not plastic cups with lids? Choose bright coloured ones with straws and funky patterns: this will also make them easily recognisable, so guests won’t confuse their drinks.

Make sure to include aquatic gadgets in your party for maximum fun: Bluetooth pool speakers to blast your favourite tunes, go retro with underwater throwaway cameras, underwater pool lights (great for the evening) and why not an inflatable screen? Take your pool party to a summer movie night in the blink of an eye!