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Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to not only explore different places all over the world, but also live in incredible cities. From growing up in Geneva, to living in Paris, Florence and now London, I’ve learned a lot; especially about myself.

However, London has always felt like home to me: a global metropolis where anyone can fit in and find what they’re looking for. Keep reading to see why I can’t get enough of the Big Smoke.

Access to art and culture

Museums, theatre productions, musicals, film screenings, concerts… you name it, London has it. We’re also extremely fortunate to have such prestigious museums (V&A, British Museum, Tate, etc.) accessible free of charge.


Coming from an international background myself, I just can’t imagine not living in a diverse place. As well as a broad spectrum of people and cultures, London’s neighbourhoods are equally as different and holders of a one of a kind identity, from Pimlico to Shoreditch.

Shared values

We touched on Londoners’ international backgrounds above, but London is also the shared mentality of resilience and tolerance, making it in my opinion one of the friendliest cities! ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ might be overused on mugs and tea towels, but it’s a very accurate statement.



Food and drink culture

Socialising in London is all about food and drinks. I love that there is always somewhere new to try, from history-filled drinking dens to super sleek contemporary eateries, not to mention cuisine from every nation and ever-innovative cocktail blends.

History and architecture

Every single inch of London is filled with stories and tales of times past, from royal families to great musicians. I always make sure to read the blue plaques dotted throughout London, which satisfies my curiosity every single day! London architecture is also a true spectacle, with a vast mix of styles at every turn.

Open air markets and events

I adore perusing outdoor markets and have a fondness for Columbia Road flower market and the various farmer markets that pop up throughout Chelsea. Events outdoors are also incredibly special, such as Christmas light displays down Regent Street, film screenings in Mayfair squares, music festivals and funfairs in Hyde Park.

Links to the whole world

London is hands down one of the most well-connected places on Earth, with air and rail links to literally everywhere! I think Londoners can often take this incredible luxury for granted, so it’s good to appreciate it and be thankful next time you’re jumping on the Eurostar or boarding your direct flight to LA.

The feeling of freedom and possibility

Overall, London always conveys to me an overwhelming feeling of freedom and endless opportunity. There is genuinely something for everyone, and as long as you work hard, London can truly be your oyster.