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I can’t believe that the Glamour Beauty Festival wrapped 6 weeks ago already! For the last three years, I’ve been fortunate enough to project manage it and work alongside their fabulous in-house team. The latest edition, this March, was one of my favourites to date, with a selection of some of the best brands in the business and fantastic speakers (special mention to Rylan and Katherine Ryan who were my faves!).


I’ve learned a lot from this amazing opportunity, especially on managing larger scale, multiple day events, dealing with brands, sponsors and celebrities. Keep reading to find out my event managing tips!

The event space

The Glamour Beauty festival has been held at the Saatchi Gallery, just off King’s Road in Chelsea, since its inception. If you’ve been to the Saatchi before, you’ll know that not only is it located just off one of the busiest shopping streets in London, but it’s also an incredible white cube space, with vast galleries and multiple floors. Because of this, the Saatchi was a perfect choice to build brand areas, photo ops and refreshment stands, while still allowing sufficient space for queues and crowds to filter through. Never underestimate the space you’ll need: it’s better to have a bit too much than not enough!

Be prepared to deal with ANYTHING

This applies to the organisation process, but mostly to the event weekend itself. Get ready to do everything from getting your hands dirty during the installation, to dealing with visitor complaints or showing VIP guests around the event. You have to wear a lot of hats, think fast, problem solve efficiently and not let the stress get to you!

Communication and teamwork is key

I always make sure to be factual, in whatever I do. It’s definitely the basis of good, healthy communication, not to mention makes things run a lot more efficiently. As well as this, I can’t stress the importance of teamwork and trusting your colleagues, particularly for larger events that see thousands of people come through the doors. Make sure to have a clear plan, a strong team and some freshly charged radio systems to constantly be in touch.

A positive attitude is a must

If you want your event to be a success, you need to have a positive outlook from the start. It’s normal to have nerves, but make sure they’re the good kind and not crippling anxiety! A sunny disposition will make the world of a difference, trust me. Be efficient and professional, but also make sure to share a laugh with your colleagues and enjoy yourself. It’s always been lovely at the Glamour Beauty Festival for me, not just enjoying being with my co-workers, but also having my friends and family drop in over the weekend, meaning that I could take breaks and spend time with them too.