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Congratulations if you’re newly engaged and you’re rocking that gorgeous ring on your finger. But what next? If you’re feeling a little clueless about the next step to take, don’t fret. We’ve got five of the most important things you should do as soon as you get engaged, so get reading brides-to-be…

Five Things To Do When You Get Engaged

Wedding Planning Advice: Five Things To Do When You Get Engaged

Enjoy the moment and peacefulness of just you and your fiancé/e knowing.

The proposal, no matter how you choose to do it, is an extremely intimate moment, so make sure you take the time to savour it together and not rush. Once it’s announced, you’ll likely be inundated with questions, celebrations, opinions, etc. I’m not telling you to keep it a secret, but do cherish the time when you and your partner are the only people in the world to know about this important step towards your future together.

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Tell your loved ones.

Obviously, you want to share your happiness with your nearest and dearest as soon as you can. Prefer a personal phone call over a text message, or worse, email. Once you’ve informed your friends and family (and make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone!), feel free to post a photo to social media or update your status. This will let everyone else know your happy news, not to mention being a great excuse to post an unapologetically cute and romantic snap of the two of you.

Wedding Planning Advice: Five Things To Do When You Get Engaged

Decide if you want a long or short engagement.

Even though this may seem a bit over-organised and a romance-killer, you and your partner need to choose and agree on how you see your engagement panning out. Engagement is a transition to marriage, so it is vital that you communicate and choose what is best for both of you. Don’t be influenced by outside opinions: you know what is right for your relationship and future together, so stick to it. Also, do make sure to discuss the big and small and share your ideas for your dream wedding.

Our Engagement Story: Pedida De Mano

Start mapping out your dream day.

This goes for both long and short engagements. You may have your heart set on a particular venue, but it turns out that it’s solidly booked for 2 years: reserving it immediately will still guarantee you a relatively long engagement. There really are no rules when it comes to weddings. You and your partner might want to fly to Vegas immediately to make it official, or you might not even want to think of walking down the aisle just yet. My only piece of advice would be to consider that in the wedding industry, specifically during the busy period of spring and summer, everything gets snapped up a long time in advance, from caterers to accommodation, so do factor in that time. The key word here is organisation, whether your dream is to elope on a beach or have a 400 person extravaganza.

Wedding Planning Advice: Five Things To Do When You Get Engaged

If you’re making wedding plans, choose who you would like in your bridal party and ask them, don’t impose.

Remember that being a bridesmaid or a groomsman is a big responsibility, and as much as you would like to assume that your closest friends would of course agree to the role, remember that they might not be able to fulfil the position for multiple reasons. Some might be too taken with their children and feel that they wouldn’t be there enough for you, or one of your adorably scatty and unreliable friends just wouldn’t cut it. In order to prevent this kind of issue, choose people who you know can be there and have the time to accompany you in this step forward. However, always make sure to ask and not assume: it starts everything off on a level playing field of respect and love.

Wedding Planning Advice: Five Things To Do When You Get Engaged

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