“I don’t know what we would’ve done without the guidance, support and loyalty provided by La Fête. We were never ones for wedding planners, thinking that my husband and myself could handle our event of 150 persons alone, but when we realized that we were both busy with our day jobs and the fact that we couldn’t speak Italian (our wedding was held in Tuscany) we finally decided to take up the idea of having a wedding planner involved. Charlotte Ricard isn’t just your typical wedding planner – she is literally someone that gets things done in order to not only satisfy the couple (us) but she also made sure that the entire lead up to the event would run smoothly, be it from a logistical stand-point to even those minute details that often the bride and groom might oversee. With her multi-cultural background and the fact that she can speak four languages really benefited us in more ways than we could’ve imagined. We have seen our fair share of wedding planners just by attending our friends’ wedding and often times they’re at the sidelines. With La Fête you can actually see her in action without being interruptive and one couldn’t be more proud to say that such a wedding went as fantastic as it did with La Fêtes’ 100% involvement.
We can’t recommend La Fête enough and if you’re in the midst of deciding on a wedding planner that can run your most personal event, they’ll see to it that every touch point of your wedding is attended to with commitment and dedication so that bride and groom are left rest-assured.”