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Hiring a wedding planner is a difficult task, but equally one of the most satisfying. This could also extend to event planners in general, but the nature of a wedding and the intimate, symbolic act of getting married makes it that more essential to get it right.

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Many brides choose to plan their own weddings, for personal reasons, budget reasons or simply because they think they can handle it. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get external help of some kind, whether it’s a professional wedding planner, app (such as the La Fête Planner) or a reliable and efficient family member/friend. So many things add up, details that you never could have imagined would come up and that can make the lead up to the wedding and the big day filled with anxiety. If there’s anything I know, it’s that a bride deserves to enjoy her special day without a care in the world, savouring every instant, and not fretting over whether there’s enough champagne and canapés for all the guests. Even though I’m a planner, I took the decision to hire two wedding planners: one for each of my destination ceremonies in Spain and France. I know both places like the back of my hand and speak the language, which is an undeniable advantage, but I wanted in a way to ally myself with local planners who can more easily coordinate the festivities and allow me to truly cherish both occasions.

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

The key thing for me when choosing a wedding planner was connection: did these people get who I really was? Did they also understand my fiancé? Would they be okay with the fact that my role would be hands on, creative and very decisive, meaning that their habitual creative input would take a backseat to mine? Fortunately, I found two wonderful women who understood exactly what I was after and provided me with the best curated options for us, advice, administrative and logistical details, as well as local knowledge that I could never have come across had they not informed me of it.

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Efficiency isn’t the only criteria. Sure, it’s an important one, but feeling at ease enough to be brutally honest and being able to joke, as well as being serious is essential. This person is accompanying you on a major day of your life, they need to know your likes and dislikes inside out. You need to be comfortable enough with them to share concerns over the number of toilets at the venue to allergies, general worries, etc. I understand just how important it is to get right as I’m in the process of wedding planning right now, especially with two destination weddings, as you can’t have a coffee appointment or catch up with your planner whenever you feel like it. That’s why you need to trust your planner, but simultaneously don’t be afraid to question anything: you know yours and your partner’s needs better than anybody. Ultimately, it’s about striking the right balance of trust; communication; honesty and compatibility. Just like with your partner!

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Are you planning your big day? Then don’t forget to take a look at my services. Alternatively, find out more about the La Fête Wedding Planning App here!

On Christmas eve, my family and I (parents, sister and fiancé), all travelled from London to St Petersburg. We had been planning this trip for nearly a year and were so excited that it had finally come!


Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a snowy city, which truly seemed split between two eras: tall dark Soviet communal flat buildings and governmental buildings lined the large avenues from the airport into the city centre, and all of a sudden, after crossing a bridge the style all of sudden changed to brightly coloured Romanov-esque palaces with intricate details and never-ending facades. Between the snow, the cold and the Christmas decorations, I must admit that St Petrsburg was everything I had expected and more! A magical ambiance that transported you back to films was present in every street, church and palace. The harmony with which the Romanov and Soviet heritages had blended surprised but also enchanted me.


As good tourists, we visited all the key spots: Catherine’s Palace, The Ermitage Museum, The Church on Spilled Blood (literally built on top of the spilt blood of one of the Tsars), the art galleries, so many churches, and of course the food and drink! Russian food is AMAZING! If you haven’t yet discovered it, find out quick where your nearest Russian Delicatessen is and order Pelmeni! A sort of mix between dumpling and ravioli, it’s filled with any sort of meat that you want and is insanely delicious! St Petersburg is steeped in history, throughout the city everything reminds you of a time long gone, even the frozen over river reminds you of this.


After 4 days in St Petersburg, we left by high speed train to Moscow. A swift train ride through the Russian countryside, and we arrived in the capital. First impressions of Moscow: they have massive traffic jam problems! Moscow is very different to St Petersburg, a modern metropole, the buildings are huge and are either Soviet or ultra-modern. The Kremlin is more than just a simple building, it is the true heart of the city, a city within a city, it is magical and charged in grandeur thanks to the several museums and buildings that it houses, of which the diamond vaults, the armoury, the several cathedrals and churches and the beautiful views it has of the river.


We also visited several art galleries, more churches of which St Basil (which is surprisingly small compared to what I had always imagined), did a fair bit of shopping (Russia is cheaper than London, but not by far), and were fortunate enough to go to the Moscow Circus and the Bolchoi to see the Nutcracker on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is a massive deal in Russia, due to not being able to practice religions under the Soviet regime; they turned this end of year festivity into the biggest of the country. And I must say, they know how to do Christmas decorations better than I have ever seen! Russian patterns light up the main squares, whilst all trees are dripping in multi-coloured lights, with small presents hanging from them; a Christmas fanatic’s dream!


All in all, I would definitely recommend going to St Petersburg and Moscow, even in winter. And even though it’s colder (take thermals, a Canada goose, and don’t hesitate to buy a Shapka) its magical and resonates with the Russia from our imagination.

As the weather starts to freeze around us, I thought it would be appropriate to use the current mood to create a Winter Wonderland Party mood board.

Winter Wonderland Party - London Party Planner 001

Winter Wonderland Party | London Party Planner | La Fete

You don’t need to wait for it to get cold outside to throw a party with this theme. It can be just as effective at another time of the year, as it can have the ability to transport guests to another world, which is a part of event planning anyway. However, creating this atmosphere in a winter month means that your guests get to enjoy the positive aspects of winter, instead of just having to put up with the slush, rain and cold wind.

Winter Wonderland Party | London Party Planner | La Fete

So, if you are thinking of throwing a Winter Wonderland Party, the first thing you’ll need to do is decide what your vision of Winter is: Is it Scandi? Christmassy? Arctic? Or sparkly? I’ve gone for the Scandi chalet sort of inspiration for this one. Wanting to create a sort of apres-ski atmosphere where guests can eat, drink, chat and of course, dance away in front of a lovely warm fire! Always think of the details that create the main picture, as these are the elements that your guests will pick up on. These are the details that will transport your guests away from their everyday lives into a unique moment. Some of these details can be as simple as the lighting, the music and the smell.

Winter Wonderland Party | London Party Planner | La Fete

Winter Wonderland Party | London Party Planner | La Fete

Here’s my mood board for a Winter Wonderland Party. Enjoy it!

Winter Wonderland Party | London Party Planner | La Fete

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