Honeymoons & Travel

Lose yourself in dreams of being somewhere whimsical without losing yourself in the nitty gritty detail. We all love transporting ourselves to dream destinations but the time and energy required to plan it can be exhausting. We use our experience, knowledge and contacts to make the planning process a holiday in itself.

Travel is one of life’s greatest joys yet planning and managing your bookings and itinerary can be an unnecessary burden leading to complications and stress. At La Fête, we specialise in delivering a genuinely bespoke travel management service, not confined by restrictions and targets placed upon mainstream travel agencies.

We’re passionate travellers who have been there and done it, experiencing both the good and the bad and using this insight to refine our services to ensure our clients don’t face any unexpected delays or disappointments. Your honeymoon or dream trip away should be a memory that lasts a lifetime and it’s our duty to ensure that memory is not tarnished in any way.

This is a service aimed at clients who want to travel the world and discover unique places in a tailor made way. Contrary to a travel agency, we take the time to understand exactly what the client requires and expects from the trip and La Fête is not bound by any pre-existing agreements with certain establishments.

We offer a full App subscription to our clients. With this, they are able to access all information and documents relevant to their trip from anywhere at any time.

We offer a complimentary consultation* to understand the client’s requirements and vision of the trip.

We then source and plan the rest, including but not limited to:

. Flights
. Accommodation
. Transport & transfers
. Restaurants
. Guides & Tours
. Activities
. Travel insurance
. VIP experiences
. Pricing: 13% of the overall budget spend (a minimum fee of £ 1’000 applies)**

*Complimentary consultations take place all around the UK. International consultations can be arranged as long as the costs incurred are covered by the client.
** excluding VAT


We plan all of our clients’ flights however far afield, taking into consideration comfortable connection times. Whether they need commercial flights or private flights, we are able to source every option in order to make their trip special.


Based on our clients’ demands, we then source various options in each location for them to choose from. Each accommodation is thoroughly vetted and checked to ensure that they meet our standards and are the right fit for our clients.

Transport & Transfers

In order to make the trip go as smoothly as possible once in the desired location we organise all types of transport and transfers in accordance with our clients’ desires.


We understand that travel is also lived through all 5 senses and the experience of local cuisine is an important one. We work with our clients to recommend and organise reservations and bookings in places that correspond to their tastes and standards.

Guides, Activities, Tours & VIP Experiences

We are fully aware that these trips are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and therefore strive to understand if our clients have ever dreamt of seeing or experiencing something in particular whilst in this location. We source and vet local guides, tours and VIP experiences that meet our standards and the expectations of our clients.

Travel Insurance

We understand that the unexpected can happen whilst travelling and in order to make our clients relax and fully enjoy their travels, we source and recommend the most adapted travel insurances.