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As a wedding planner, it’s impossible for me not to weigh in on the hotly anticipated Royal wedding! Take a read below for my predictions and thoughts on the upcoming big day.

Is the wedding happening too quickly?

It’s always easy to judge from the outside, but as a hopeless romantic myself, I’m a firm believer in knowing when you’ve met your soul mate. Obviously, you need to use your brain as well as your heart and I’m sure that Harry, being in the position that he is, would not jump into a marriage unless he was absolutely certain that she was the One for him and would be able to live with the pressures of royal life. As for Meghan, she seems to be very aware of what her position would entail and more importantly, seems smitten with Harry. So while it might be quick, especially in comparison to William and Kate’s decade of dating, it doesn’t make it any less serious or filled with love. I wish them every happiness.



Venue, ceremony and reception style: what to expect

From the start, I knew that it would be held at Windsor Castle! It’s a much more private venue than other royal properties, as well as holding a special place in the family’s heart, as Prince Harry was baptised there. Meghan was recently baptised into the Church of England out of respect for the Queen, so the ceremony will indeed be a religious one, but not multi-confessional. St George’s Chapel is larger than average and has played host to Peter Phillips’ wedding in the past and is the chosen venue for Princess Eugenie’s union this October. Prince Harry and Meghan have decided to invite a total of 2,640 people to the grounds of Windsor Castle on their wedding day, in order to celebrate alongside members of the public. As for the reception, I predict that etiquette will play an important role (it is a Royal wedding after all!), but that it certainly won’t stop the newlyweds having fun and dancing the night away with their loved ones. There could potentially be a private concert from a famous singer/band during the evening to entertain the guests, but for that, we will have to wait and see.



What will the happy couple wear?

I think that Meghan will opt for a British designer, as a nod to her new home and country, but still retain a streamlined, contemporary American style. White or off-white are the frontrunners for colour in my opinion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she included a touch of colour, either in jewellery or invisibly sewn inside her sleeve for instance. As for Harry, I predict that he will proudly be standing at the altar in his military uniform, with the male guests opting for traditional morning dress. I am very excited though to see if Prince George and Princess Charlotte serve as pageboy and flower girl and what the bridesmaids will be wearing, if Meghan even chooses to have bridesmaids that is.

Photos by Alexi Lubomirski taken from Dailymail website.