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Hello Spring

Spring is such a special time of year. Nature wakes up after a long, cold winter; buds and leaves begin to emerge and paint colours over the grey seasonal in-between. My favourite thing about spring is the feeling of it being a new chapter in the year, filled with sunshine and breezes, paving the way[…]


Royal Wedding 2018

As a wedding planner, it’s impossible for me not to weigh in on the hotly anticipated Royal wedding! Take a read below for my predictions and thoughts on the upcoming big day.   Is the wedding happening too quickly?   It’s always easy to judge from the outside, but as a hopeless romantic myself, I’m[…]


Inspirational women I admire

Queen Victoria – When thinking of women who inspire me, it was impossible for my mind not to leap immediately to the incredible Queen Victoria. Her 64 year reign made Great Britain an undisputed global power, through its immense Empire, industrial accomplishments and focus on the arts. It’s not only her leadership skills and public persona[…]


New Year’s in Jamaica

Touching down in Jamaica this New Year’s day, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m a Caribbean newbie, but looking out of the plane window down on to the turquoise sea and glinting vegetation, I sensed it would be amazing. During our stay, we based ourselves in Ocho Rios, and despite coming from Guatemala and[…]

How to select your bridesmaids

Getting married isn’t just about choosing your partner, but also choosing the people who will be accompanying you on your journey to wedded bliss: these often include bridesmaids. Most of the time choosing them is a no-brainer but take into account the following before you make your decision. How close are you to this person?[…]


Top 10 Celebrity Weddings

1. Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson  The Obama’s are, without a doubt, an absolutely iconic couple. The former president and first lady exude closeness and complicity in this snap from their 1992 wedding. Note the kicked off shoes and Barack’s content, if a little tired, face: it looks like they didn’t stop dancing all night!   2. Audrey Hepburn and[…]