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I’m a firm believer in being prepared for anything, especially on your wedding day. In order to look and feel flawless as you dance the night away, or curing a hangover the morning after, I recommend preparing a bridal survival kit, composed of everything from hairspray to painkillers. This list is non-exhaustive and of course should be adapted to each brides needs and ceremony setting, but will ultimately ensure a stress-free celebration. Do ask your maid of honour and bridesmaids to help prepare it and make sure that they know where to find it when you need something.

Bridal Survival Kit

Bridal Survival Kit: The Essential Items

Hair grips – always have spare grips to keep your bridal do in place

Hairspray – you might need some extra hold as the day goes on, especially if you’re in a humid environment

Hair elastic – essential if you want to tie up your locks whilst you’re dancing

Deodorant – refreshing and necessary to keep odours at bay

Anti-chafing stick/gel – fight the dreaded rubbing together of your thighs. Especially useful in hot weather and/or if you’re wearing a fitted dress

Sewing kit and safety pins – NEVER underestimate a safety pin: it can save the day. Make sure to have silver and gold options, or even white if you can find some.

Water – quite an obvious one. Don’t fall victim to dehydration

Mints – prefer mints to gum. No one wants to see a beautiful bride chewing gum

Bridal Survival Kit

Nurofen / Aspirin – don’t let a headache or any kind of soreness ruin your day. Also great for the morning after if you’re suffering from a hangover

Imodium – not the most glamorous part of your kit, but a rapid cure in case of an emergency

Plasters – have both fabric and blister plasters. You’ll be on your feet a lot and may need to protect burgeoning blisters, or you might suffer from an easily sustainable paper cut. Either way, be prepared!

Gel insoles – useful if you’re wearing high heels: they’ll take some pressure off the balls of your feet

Gloss/lipstick – keep that pout perfect even after all the kisses, food and drinks!

Perfume – your favourite scent will refresh you and ensure you always smell wonderful

Blotting sheets – avoid too much of a sheen in photos and oil build-up throughout the day

Spare earring backs – don’t cry over losing the back of an earring: have spares and you’ll be prepared in the event of one of them going missing

Bridal Survival Kit

Comfy shoes/slippers – have the option to change into flats. I cant stress this enough; you’ll be so grateful to slip on some comfy shoes. Bonus: no one will be able to tell under your dress

Fan – you could get quite hot either because of the weather or if you tend to get flustered and stressed. A fan will look elegant and keep you cool

Phone charger – either a cable and plug or a battery pack. Chances are you wont be using your phone at all, but be prepared: those selfies and Boomerangs use up a lot of your phones battery!

Lip balm – avoid cracked and dry lips; keep a sheer balm handy

Makeup setting spray – it will stop everything from moving too much or sweating off

Tampons – we all know Mother Nature can be cruel, especially on a day when you’re wearing a shade of white

Nail file – save a broken nail in an instant

Cotton buds – touch up makeup as delicately as possible

Bridal Survival Kit

Tissues – one word: crying!

Brush/comb – re-adjust your locks so that you’re always photo ready

Tweezers – pluck that stray brow hair

Scissors – keep them handy, you may need to cut a tag, a thread, a bow etc…

Concealer – flawless skin is a must

Mascara – invest in a great waterproof option and keep it in your kit for touch-ups

Straws – don’t ruin your lipstick if you can avoid to

Bridal Survival Kit

Mirror – a pocket mirror to check you’re still looking gorgeous will suffice

Nail varnish – if you haven’t opted for a Shellac manicure, keep your polish colour handy in the event of chips

Sun cream – if you’re getting married outdoors, protect your skin. You don’t want to be a burned bride and unable to enjoy your party

Bridal Survival Kit

As you can see, there are lots of essential items that you should include in your bridal survival kit, but it’s better to be prepared than panicking on the most important day of your life. For even more wedding inspiration for your big day, head over to the La Fête Blog here.