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Unicorns have had a serious surge in popularity these past few years. No longer solely confined to the realms of childhood, unicorns and everything associated to the mythical creatures are not only fashionable, but also highly desirable: just remember the reaction when Starbucks released its Unicorn Frappuccino.

There are many directions to go when it comes to styling with unicorns, from dark and mysterious shades to Medieval inspired aesthetics (think tapestries and rich jewel tones), but the most popular incarnation has to be the lilac/pastel pink/gold, almost kawaii style.

The great thing about unicorns is that you can get the aesthetic across without slapping unicorn print on everything. Deconstruct it down to a colour palette, with a few accent metallic tones. These don’t have to be silver and gold necessarily, you could opt for a metallic orange or royal blue to give a serious pop of colour to your décor and update the traditional image of a unicorn décor.

If you read my moodboard posts, you know by now how much I love making food and drink as relevant to a theme as possible. You don’t have to only stick to one kind of food: the secret is how you present it. You can still have burgers and fries if that’s your thing, but opt for mini burgers, maybe even dyeing the bun lilac or pink and shoestring fries instead of chunky chips. Also think of decorating your plates with edible flowers for an extra whimsical effect. Unicorn themes do seem to go hand in hand with desserts, so don’t hold back here! Think about creating a dessert buffet table with unicorn decorated biscuits, cake pops, donuts, cupcakes and ice creams. The ice creams obviously can’t sit there for long, so if you have the budget, create a ‘fair food’ corner with on demand ice cream from a gelato machine, candyfloss and popcorn (pink, of course). It’s all about decadence!

To accompany your treats, get a stock of pink champagne or rosé wine for your guests, which will also look very pretty on the tables and match the rest of the room.

So now your venue is decorated and your food is good to go, what about your makeup? You can absolutely match it to the party! Use either eye shadow or lipstick and opt for pinks, lilacs and light blues, or even soft copper tones and sparkle.

Unicorns, despite appearing to be niche, are actually extremely versatile: you can use the above advice for a child’s party, an adult’s party, a baby shower, a bridal brunch… It’s guaranteed you’ll have a magical time no matter what.