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2017 has been a wonderful year for many reasons. I’ve travelled, spent time with friends and family, developed my business and been fortunate enough to meet new people everyday and encounter incredible opportunities, one of which was my role as a consultant for Glamour magazine.

When I look back, I am so proud and honoured to have been entrusted with the planning of the Beauty Festival and I can’t wait to present 2018’s edition. Other La Fête highlights include all the press features we’ve received, not to mention the much-anticipated launch of the La Fête Planner app. That was also probably one of the more challenging moments of the year, especially when the app was delayed for technical reasons and there was nothing that I could do to speed it along, no matter how hard I tried to. But I undoubtedly learned from it: you can’t lose sleep over something you can’t control and you mustn’t let the anxiety affect other aspects of your work.

Continuing on a personal note, I’m also happy that I challenged myself this year and I don’t mean just professionally. I pushed myself to compete in horse riding competitions, in both dressage and cross-country and accomplished the scores that I had hoped for. I was fortunate enough to travel extensively this year, throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia and Latin America. During some of our trips, we were able to celebrate our friends’ weddings or birthdays, simply kick back and enjoy discovering new places or revisit some favourite locations.

I’ve also been working on planning my own weddings and making sure that both events are memorable for everyone involved, especially for my husband-to-be and I. One of our steps toward wedded bliss came earlier this year, during our engagement shoot, which cemented a special moment of complicity and love between us. Shortly after that, I was also able to bring together all my bridesmaids for the first time and watching them all laugh and interact together confirmed how lucky I am to have them all.

Reading this post, I know that it can sometimes seem smug and maybe even a bit arrogant to tell you all about these amazing events that happened for me in 2017. But truthfully, it’s never just rosy and bright all the time. These are the highlights, the things that make me feel blessed, happy and proud, but which of course are interspersed with arguments, tears, challenges and things not always going to plan. But that’s something I’ve learned over the years: the good inevitably triumphs over the bad and if you do face difficult times, take solace in the fact that at the very least, you will learn and grow from it.

I would advise everyone to write down their 2017 highlights, it will make you pick out the best of your year and listing it will make you realise just how much you have accomplished and worked on in a mere 12 months. Everyone is worthy of happiness and whether it’s the simple things, like being thankful for your friendships and your health, keep hold of that positivity. Here’s to 2018!