What is Cannes Lions?

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a yearly event bringing together people from around the world, working in creative communications, advertising, technology and related domains. As well as the festival’s prestigious award ceremony, attendees can network, listen to talks delivered by industry leaders and celebrities alike, as well as heading to exclusive parties.

Cannes Lion 2019

Why did I go?

The main reason I went was to network: it was suggested to me by my IT providers, who are both women in tech, and I’m very happy that they did! As well as meeting new people and making connections, it was fascinating to see the variety of events being thrown and hear inspirational men and women speaking about the future of technology and media industries.

Cannes Lion 2019What and who did I see there?

I was fortunate enough to attend a selection of talks and parties, even though I was there for only 24 hours! Topics of talks that I saw included women in tech and the benefits of technology, technology to grow businesses.

I also made sure to go to Female Quotient’s FQ Lounge held in one of the Martinez Hotel’s penthouses, as well as John Legend’s talk on his Free America campaign, to transform America’s criminal justice system. I also attended Facebook’s beach party which was a lot of fun!

What did I learn?

The main thing that I learned is that technology isn’t as intimidating as I always thought it was. I was also fortunate to meet quite a few women in the industry, which felt more inclusive than I had originally expected. Overall, I learned a lot about leadership, thinking outside the box, the importance of tech in everything that we do, including in my own business. It was also extremely interesting to hear the points of view of celebrities, such as Julianne Hough, on technology and its importance in our lives.

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Would I go back?

Yes, undoubtedly! But I would go for a minimum of three days and make sure to carefully plan my talk schedule so that I can hear and meet exactly who I want.