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The hen do is an important part of the wedding process and takes a fair amount of preparation. The points outlined below should help you answer some questions you may have and give you a starting point for the organisation.


1) Decide who will attend

This one is obvious: make sure that everyone attending is reliable and you really want them there. As for reliability, it’s key when planning a group event: you don’t want there to be arguments!

2) Think of your ideal event and location

This differs from bride to bride: some want a one-night event, others a weekend away. Think of your ideal hen do and even if you know it sounds unrealistic, write it down anyway: you could always incorporate elements of your dream into the final event. If you want to host your hen do abroad, think of flights, visas and cost!


3) Budget

On the topic of cost, you need to decide if you will be covering everything or if it will be split between your guests. Make sure that it’s as fair as possible, but if one of your friends is having difficulty paying, you may need to step in and help. Make sure to have a detailed budget for everything, that you can then submit to your guests before confirming the event. I’d recommend planning for 20% extra over anticipated costs, in order to pay for unexpected meals, drinks, etc.


4) Book activities

If you are having a one day/night event, why not book an activity, such as massages, picnic on a sailboat, outdoor cinema outing, etc. Turn it into a girly event and not just an alcohol-fuelled party. If you’ve got a weekend away, I’d recommend at least one activity per day.


5) Factor in relaxing time

Among the activities, make time for relaxation and time spent together. That’s why you’re all there after all!



6) Plan for delays

I can’t stress this enough: be ready for people, transport, meals, etc. to be late. Just remain calm and factual: if possible, have Plan B’s and don’t hesitate to delegate to your bridesmaids/guests if it’s stressing you out too much.


7) Coordinating outfits/accessories

Usually, you can spot a hen do from a mile away: neon pink tutus, L plates, sparkles, etc. I’m all for coordinating, but would offer something a bit different: matching silky robes, eye masks, slippers, necklaces, embossed clutches, etc. The possibilities are endless, and it doesn’t have to be expensive, the Internet is full of options!