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It’s bank holiday month and we’re starting to get used to having extended weekends! With one more bank holiday to go, we’re already thinking of how we want to make the most of it. Keep reading for our top 10 list of activities!


How to make the most of May’s bank holidays



A trusty classic for a reason, no bank holiday would be complete without a barbecue. If grilling isn’t your thing or you don’t have the outdoor space, opt for a picnic and enjoy it in your favourite park.


How to make the most of May’s bank holidays

Spa day


Take a self-care day and spoil your skin, hair and nails with attention. You can throw a spa day at home with your closest girlfriends, or book yourself in to a decadent spa for the finest treatments. Make sure to book in advance!


Cycle through London and brunch


If the weather is beautiful, there’s nothing more enjoyable than being outdoors on a bank holiday: why not go for a relaxed cycle followed by a well-deserved brunch? Don’t hesitate to throw in some cocktails too, we promise we won’t tell.


How to make the most of May’s bank holidays

A solo day of all your favourites


As much as family and friend time is wonderful, take your Monday off work to reconnect with yourself. What are some of your favourite things to do? Enjoy your alone time exploring old favourites and new activities you’ve been dying to try but have kept putting off.


Spring clean the house


Not the most fun, but definitely necessary! If you haven’t had a good spring clean yet, it might be wise to use this day off to cross this pain of a job off your to do list. Make it more enjoyable by setting goals, blasting music and rewarding yourself at the end of the day with a well-deserved treat.


Get physical!


A bank holiday isn’t necessarily an excuse to stay in bed and be lazy: why not head to the gym? Try a class you haven’t got around to testing yet, go for a swim, run; whatever takes your fancy!


How to make the most of May’s bank holidays

Day out with family/friends


A bank holiday is perfect for a day out. If you live in London, there are so many places that you can easily travel to: amusement parks, gardens, royal palaces, stately homes, and even the beach! Make sure to get going early to maximise your day out.


Cinema outing


I actually enjoy going to the cinema on a sunny bank holiday as it’s generally empty! If you do still want to enjoy the good weather however and watch a film, see if there are any outdoor/rooftop film showings. Keep an eye on the weather, as when it’s raining, cinema’s get swamped and your film screening turns into a concerto of rustling wrappers and popcorn bags.


How to make the most of May’s bank holidays

Spend the day reading

Too often, we neglect reading or replace it with easily-absorbable Netflix programmes after a long day of work. This bank holiday, pick up that new book that you’ve been waiting to find time for, or pop to your nearest bookshop and treat yourself to a new novel. Immerse yourself in the story and remember the joy of reading, you won’t regret it.

How to make the most of May’s bank holidays

Afternoon tea and museum

Exhibitions come and go, but if you want to be sure to get around to seeing them, you need to make the time; which makes bank holiday Monday a perfect day. Stop by the V&A and catch the Dior exhibition at the same time as their Mary Quant retrospective, and for all you gourmets out there, pair it with food! We’ve styled a Dior Culinary Fashion Experience at the opposite Franklin Hotel and a Mary Quant inspired Afternoon Tea at The Pelham Hotel a couple minutes walking away. Make sure to phone the hotel to book as spaces are limited and, of course, let us know what you think.