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Today, we’re going to show you how to make a stunning Christmas wreath in 6 easy steps with the help of the fabulous Ricky from Ricky Paul Flowers.

What you’ll need:

– Sharp scissors
– Wire
– A pre-made wreath base OR a wreath frame, moss, wire and pine branches
– Miscellaneous foliage
– Berries/peppercorns
– Dried fruit
– Pinecones
– Assorted ribbons, baubles or any other decorative elements you would like to add
– Strong glue

Wreath making is a wonderful family activity, just please make sure to help your children with the scissor work needed to create this perfect holiday piece.

Deciding on the base

When it comes to making your Christmas wreath, you have multiple options. If you’re feeling brave, you can make your base from scratch, with a wreath frame, moss and pine branches that you hand-wire on top of the moss-covered frame. If you do this, just make sure to lay your pine branches in the same direction to avoid a lopsided wreath.

The quickest and easiest option for beginners is to buy a ready-made wreath base, which you can then decorate with your chosen items. This base can either be real or fake, depending on what you prefer.

Step 1

Start by inserting the foliage through your pine branches. Make sure that it’s not too perfect or symmetrical, you want it to look a little wild. Wrap a piece of wire around it if necessary, poke it through the moss base of the wreath and twist it tightly into place (you may not need to). Make sure to keep an empty spot for the ribbon at the top of the wreath.

Step 2

Move onto your decorative berries, affixing them in the same way as the foliage: either poke through or wire into place, depending on what feels most secure. Make sure to trim your stems if they’re too long and in order to create more fullness, group multiple stems into bunches before inserting. If you don’t want berries or can’t find any to your liking, consider using peppercorns, as seen in our tutorial.

Step 3

It’s time for the heavier items! We opted for orange slices, and in order to change things up, affixed them 3 by 3. Take 3 dried orange slices in your hand, fanned out, and poke a single wire through the 3 of them. Poke the wire through your wreath and twist to affix securely. You can also use whole dried oranges, which have been slit down the sides, meaning you can poke your wire through these openings. Bear in mind this type of orange can be fiddly, and you’ll have to persevere to get your wire through!

Wiring is the best technique for any kind of fruit or element you would like to add, but if you want to include baubles, you’ll need to glue them in place.

Step 4

Pine cones on wreaths are classic, but change things up with silver, gold or rainbow pine cones. Wire them into place by passing the piece of wire round the lower part of the pine cone. Make sure to alternate their positions, from leaning more inside to on the wreath. Remember: you want it to look natural!

Step 5

Once you’re happy with the positioning of your elements, it’s time for the bow. Opt for a colour or style that will complement your wreath’s décor, and if your wreath will be staying outside, choose a thicker, hardy ribbon. You can also get a wired ribbon to give it more shape, if you prefer.

The bow itself is actually an illusion bow in the sense that there is no central knot made: it is wired to give the effect of bow. Pay close attention to the video for a detailed explanation on how to achieve this!

Once the bow has been wired in the centre, there will be two pieces sticking out at the back. Push these through your wreath in the spot you choose for the ribbon at the beginning and affix it securely by tightening. You can either create a loop with this wire for hanging on a nail or trim it off.

Step 6

Hanging your wreath! Make sure it’s securely in place, whether you’re using the wire from the ribbon, hanging it over a door knocker or creating its own special hook.

We hope you enjoyed this special Christmas edition of When La Fête Met…Ricky Paul Flowers and can’t wait to see your stunning wreaths!

Ricky Paul Flowers