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Spring is such a special time of year. Nature wakes up after a long, cold winter; buds and leaves begin to emerge and paint colours over the grey seasonal in-between. My favourite thing about spring is the feeling of it being a new chapter in the year, filled with sunshine and breezes, paving the way to glorious summer.



The common misconception is that this season is all about Easter, but even though that’s partly true, it’s really about so much more: growth, births, colour, sunshine, blue skies, fragrant flowers, light jackets, the first barbecues of the year…


Colour-wise, for me, it’s all about pink! I recently got back from my honeymoon in Japan and in honour of the cherry blossom, everything, and I mean everything turns pink, including Coca Cola bottles! I like to celebrate the season change with small things that make me happy: I browse flower markets, fill my home with plants, take trips to parks and the countryside, walk my dog, horse ride, drive with the roof down, bring out my coolest sunglasses, drink cappuccinos on restaurant terraces and of course, tuck all my winter coats at the very back of my wardrobe.


Something I also love and was lucky enough to do last year, was visit a farm and see the lambing and calving process. It’s truly remarkable to witness and we were even able to hold the newborn lambs in our arms. Seeing so much life come into the world is magical and at the risk of reiterating it once more, that’s what spring is completely about: birth and rebirth.



You can definitely throw a party to welcome spring and create a floral wonderland, even host it in a grassy meadow or forest if the weather permits!



You can even hire old-school bicycles and get your guests to cycle into the venue, passing under embellished arches and arriving at a clearing filled with tree trunk stools, rugs, fairy lights and maybe even velvet sofas and armchairs if you can get them there. Ultimately however, spending time with your loved ones over the bank holidays and weekends is the most important thing: it’s the time to let your happiness and mood shine just as bright as the spring sunshine.