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Glamping Season
Glamping Season

I was never really one for camping, growing up and honestly, I’m still not. But glamping? Sign me up! I love having as many home comforts around me and with glamping, you can do just that. There are so many options available nowadays, from luxurious yurts in a meadow to vintage Airstream trailers parked by a lake.

Glamping SeasonBefore you even book your accommodation, the key thing is to decide:

  • Why do you want to go glamping?
  • For how long?
  • With who?
  • In which country?

Glamping SeasonAnswering these questions will help you narrow down your accommodation choices, as your venue of choice will be very different if you go away with 5 friends to party in a treehouse or travel alone to meditate and read.

Glamping SeasonSo once you’ve picked your dream site, decided when you’re going and with who, what is left to do? Packing is probably the biggest thing! Not just clothes, but also games, activities, Bluetooth speakers (got to have music) and of course, food and drink. Let’s break it down.

Glamping SeasonMy advice when glamping would always be to go with comfort, but without neglecting style: you can definitely be trendy in a loose maxi dress or a cashmere onesie. Pack some trainers, walking boots (if you’ll be hiking) and some cosy slippers for your evenings snuggled up in the cabin/trailer/tent. Pack your toiletries as normal (with the addition of sun cream and anti-mosquito spray in summer) but leave the dry shampoo at home: remember, you’ll have access to a shower/bath.

Activities for Glamping

When it comes to games, I’d always advise going for the classics: Cluedo, Monopoly and Uno, for example, but also Cards Against Humanity which will have you howling with laughter. If you have space, why not take an archery set with a target, a bowling kit or traditional fair games like the ring toss and coconut shy?

Glamping Season

Food is of paramount importance, and not just when glamping. If it’s warm out, make sure to have everything you need for a barbecue and s’mores (it’s worth checking with your host if there is a pit or barbecue you can use). However, if it’s winter, nothing is more comforting than a roast dinner, followed by hot chocolate and a decadently sweet pudding. Make sure to pack plenty for breakfasts as well, and of course, snack foods such as olives, crisps and popcorn. Drinks-wise, it’s better to overbuy than underbuy, so do bear this in mind when stocking up; and we’re not just talking about alcohol here, but also tea, coffee, juices, water (even if you have running water, it might not taste the best), milk, etc.

Glamping SeasonYou’re definitely going to have a full car, but once you’re installed in your idyllic new home, it’ll all be worth it! Let us know if you have a glamping trip planned this summer and if you have any recommendations.