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Summer is in full swing and whether you live by the water or not, you can definitely host a beach party. It’s the perfect occasion to bring together all the great elements of the beach and more: think mermaids and funky props that will transport you to a different world.

Beach Party Moodboard

My take on a beach party is pastels pastels pastels: lots of lilacs, blues, pinks and minty greens, which modernise classic seaside elements. Deckchairs are the obvious seating choice, but opt for either sturdy, traditional striped ones, or more delicate, fashion-forward ones with original fabrics. The code word here is pretty: you want every detail to be picture perfect and an embodiment of summer spirit. For decoration, go for under the sea inspirations, like jelly fish, starfish, seashells and you can even throw in artificial flamingos and other birds, as their feathers and colours will add even more fun to your party.

Fun and Fabulous Beach Party Inspiration

Food-wise, fish and chips is a classic beachside treat, but change it up by wrapping it in star print paper and serve it alongside some chilled white/rosé wine, or champagne if you’re feeling particularly decadent. Follow it by a 99p cone with a flake, but for ultimate success, choose a rich, creamy ice cream, such as a Cornish cream flavour as opposed to classic vanilla.

When looking at current trends, mermaids play a big part in pop culture and where better to include them than a beach party? Incorporate scales and tails in cakes and as standalone decorative pieces, or go further and hire an actual mermaid to entertain guests: a guaranteed hit if children will be present. Hiring a mermaid can be particularly effective if you’re hosting on an actual beach or with a big enough swimming pool, where she can showcase her (silicone) tail and swimming skills.

Fun and Fabulous Beach Party Inspiration

Speaking of venues, you can of course host this party anywhere, as enough decoration and detail can set the scene effectively: you can even have sand pits or sandy areas so that guests can build sand castles. Just make sure that there is a base underneath or plastic sheeting so that clean up won’t be too taxing afterwards. If you’re hosting around a swimming pool, you can incorporate mermaid/seashell shaped lilos, floating exotic flowers and if the party continues into the evening, floating tea lights.

Fun and Fabulous Beach Party Inspiration

But of course, a real beach is ideal: one where you can even build rainbow coloured beach huts to host the activities and food stations and even, with local permission, build a fire pit to gather all your guests around as a way to wind down the event.
The options are truly infinite: think about hosting a yearly beach party with a different theme each time. It will let your creativity and imagination run wild!

Fun and Fabulous Beach Party Inspiration

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