Boat Party: how to ace your summer cruise eventsWe absolutely adore boat parties: they are so much more versatile than you might expect! Synonymous with summer fun, we’ve compiled some pieces of advice for you below on what to look out for when planning your 2019 party cruise, whether it’s private or corporate. Keep reading and as always, if you have any questions, get in touch! We love hearing from you all and are always happy to help.

Boat Party: how to ace your summer cruise eventsWhere should I throw my boat party?

Obviously, a boat! But when picking your venue, you have so much more to consider than just assuming your party will take place on a random vessel. Consider whether you would like a Thames cruise, or a cruise off the South Coast: this will definitely impact your choice of boat. Speaking of which, does your party belong on a vintage steamer, a yacht or a sailboat? Consider location, style, capacity, price, hire type and availability in your final venue decision.

Boat Party: how to ace your summer cruise eventsWhen is the best time to throw a boat party?

More than being a seasonal concern (ideally late Spring and Summer), decide whether you would like a day cruise or an evening cruise. There isn’t really a set rule on this: generally, a day cruise is great for games, conversation and if you’re on the coast, swimming and water games. Night cruises are usually more drink & dancing affairs, with a DJ and lighting design. But do mix it up and as we always recommend, adapt it to your needs exactly, whether that’s an Ibiza-inspired party cruise on a yacht or a girls’ spa day on a large sailboat.

Boat Party: how to ace your summer cruise events

How can you make the most of your boat party?

With boats, you might not be able to decorate as much as a traditional venue, but you can make it your own in other ways. We always recommend a theme and sticking to it, but instead of investing massively in floral décor or furniture, boat parties are the perfect events for smaller props, games and goodie bags. Include accessories, such as towels matching your theme, sun hats, custom metal/plastic cups, large cushions and sunglasses. Strengthen the sense of unity among your guests with matching items: it’s amazing how effective this can be. Make sure to have music in the background and if you don’t have a photographer, why not pass around an instant camera to remember your amazing event. Also consider having a cruise as part of a larger event, either at the beginning or at the end.

Boat Party: how to ace your summer cruise eventsWho can have a boat party and who should you invite?

This is easy: absolutely anyone! There are so many options available that you can absolutely find the right boat for your event, whether you dream of a romantic dinner cruise with your partner, or an all-day blowout party with a DJ and bottomless cocktail bar.