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It’s a new year which means that it’s time for a new Pantone colour: 2018…meet Ultra Violet. I am so thrilled about this colour and I know that I’ll be incorporating it as much as I can this year.

What I love about it is that it’s unisex, suitable for every style, every occasion and age and can be incorporated in flowers, food, clothes and overall décor. The preconception that some people have is that a rich shade of purple automatically reads as Cadbury’s chocolate, but it really doesn’t! Now if making yourself or your event look like a box of Milk Tray is your goal, knock yourself out. But I’m here to tell you that if incorporated in touches, Ultra Violet will enhance and add depth to your overall colour palette.

Purple flowers and plants have the benefit of working particularly well with rich green foliage as well as a host of lighter colours, such as whites, light pinks and touches of cornflower blue. Purple geodes are beautiful elements to incorporate as place settings, centrepiece elements or even wedding cake inspiration.

Ultra Violet is the ideal dark base to work from, without being a more traditional brown, navy or black. Bear in mind that as a shade, it marries itself perfectly with both gold and silver accents and is inherently elegant, no matter whether you have a modern aesthetic or a more historic one.

For wedding photos full of wow, don’t hesitate to incorporate the very trendy smoke bombs in purple tones, which look incredible in an outdoor setting, such as a forest or field wedding.

Food and drink can be dyed with purple food colouring and has no limits. Personally, I’m not a fan of dyed savoury food, but go crazy with the desserts, which can look particularly impressive in a buffet: think macarons, cupcakes, sweets, cookies, etc.

Ultra Violet is also a colour that can be extended relatively easily to dress codes, both casual and formal. For the latter, men could opt for purple velvet dinner jackets or bow ties and women could choose gowns in a number of fabrics or even, jewelled with purple stones. As for casual, the high street is full of knits, floral blouses and velvets in jewel tones to choose from. Also think of your makeup and incorporating purple touches on your eyes and lips (but never with a matching outfit!).

In conclusion, I cannot wait to see all the creative ways in which Ultra Violet is used this year and I definitely know I’ll be using it when possible. Will you?